Dearest Lily,

Once you have heard your diagnosis and wondered “what do I do now,” you can create a path towards your own recovery. When I was going through my cancer journey, I would drive my car and say – sometimes sing – to myself: “I am a Survivor.” This short, positive affirmation became my truth, my reality. I believed I would be healed as I did all the things I believed were going to help and support me.

You can do this too!
First – create your own mantra to sing, announce, proclaim several times a day. —Especially in the morning. Borrow mine until one of your own surfaces. Start today!

Research has provided us with a list of qualities and things we can do to take charge of our own recovery. Here are some of them, and probably you know about most of them…

• Manage your lifestyle

• Eat & drink with awareness

• Walk/ move daily

• Reduce toxic stress

• Create your own support system

• Think holistically – heal all of you

• Exude gratitude

• Be Hopeful & Inspired – Your Mindset impacts all of you!

So you read this list and say I can’t do all of these things!

Integrative Cancer Coaching offers you a way to address these life-giving actions. One at a time, you can manage your recovery with my support and guidance. We can do this! These practices are designed to complement your medical treatment, not supplant it.

Let me guide you to be successful with these practices. We will fight this cancer together! I’m offering free discovery calls so you can get to know me, and let me be part of your support system. Call or email me today! or 215-307-5407.

To your health!
Karen R. Holmes
Integrative Cancer Coach