Presentations and Speaking Engagements

As an experienced presenter, I offer the following topics for small or medium sized groups. These presentations combines my experience with breast cancer,  dance/conscious movement offerings, cancer coaching training, and knowledge of Ayurveda.

These energetic presentations are tailored to the needs of the group or organization. Each session is approximately an hour with an opportunity for Q & A. Select one of the topics below, and email me to schedule an event.

Food, Glorious Food!

While many people are aware that eating vegetables and limiting sugar are part of an anti-cancer diet, the need to create a nutritional plan for preventing and fighting cancer is paramount to a healthy life-style. This offering delineates the why and how of an anti-cancer eating plan. Not only is it important what you eat but how and when you eat.

“Every day, at every meal, we can choose food that will defend our bodies against the invasion of cancer.” – David Servan Schreiber, MD, PhD, author of Anti Cancer: A New Way of Life

Create an Environment of Cancer Prevention and Care

Lifestyle and environmental factors can enhance our immune system to ward off cancer and aide in recovery for those individuals who are experiencing cancer. This presentation addresses Sedentary lifestyles, Stress, Sugar & more, Self-Care, Sleep, and Support Systems.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC):

A Little Known Cancer

Awareness of IBC may save a life! This presentation provides an overall look at a specific type of cancer: Inflammatory Breast Cancer that is often misdiagnosed. Its aggressive nature necessitates early diagnosis. IBC manifests differently than tumor-based breast cancer as it found in the lymph system of the breast. This introduction to IBC differentiates the signs and protocols between IBC and tumor-based cancer. A discussion of the lymph system uncovers the mystery of this crucial system of the body.

“Unstick the stuck in your life!”

IBC is the cancer from which Karen has recovered.

Navigating Cancer Recovery

How do I advocate for myself on my road to cancer recovery? How do I support a friend or family member during this process? How can I follow medical protocols and incorporate holistic health practices? This presentation outlines the holistic practices that Karen undertook while receiving chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. While each individual experiences cancer recovery differently, each person can awaken and mobilize inner and outer resources to assist in the healing process. With a strong sense of determination, belief, and hope, a cancer thriver focuses courage and positive energy towards healing.

Move, Dance, Move: Active Self Care

An interactive hour of movement, music, and conversation offers FUN while addressing the critical aspect of movement in cancer prevention and recovery. Come prepared to move the body in a safe environment. This workshop is open to all regardless of physical abilities.

“I have known Karen for more than 30 years, both on a personal and professional basis. Professionally, Karen is very efficient, organized, and an excellent presenter. Personally, she is very compassionate and caring. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Karen was extremely supportive and gave me excellent advice in coping with the issues of cancer treatment and survival. We are all on a journey to wellness, and Karen’s advice has been valuable in guiding me. We support one another in terms of healthy diet and eating habits, as well as exercise and alternative treatments such as acupuncture and massage. I value the advice and support that Karen has given me.” S.M.

Hi, I’m Karen.

My guess is that YOU know of someone who has or has had cancer – particularly breast cancer. My vision is to talk to small groups and organizations about cancer prevention and integrative cancer care practices. In our current society, knowing friends and family who have or had cancer has become part of the fabric of our experience and needs to be addressed openly, frankly with care and compassion. Each of us can live a life-style that cancer cells “detest.” Awareness and information lead us to life-preserving actions! Over the years, I have addressed many groups about a variety of topics: cancer prevention and care is my top priority. It saves lives!