Pillars of Healing

Pillars of Healing offers a healing path encompassing three pillars of personal transformation that supports an awakening of self. This Healing Journey provides three pillars of support & inspiration expressly designed for cancer patients and survivors who seek a healthy, joyous cancer-free life.

Pillars of Healing offers dance & movement opportunities, cancer coaching, and presentations on cancer prevention and recovery. I provide support and encouragement for women who have or are healing from breast cancer at all stages; and for groups and organizations that want to become aware of holistic practices that prevent and cope with cancer.

Pillar One

dance2awakenlife offers Azul conscious movement classes that allow the individual to dance in a free-form, safe environment. These sessions bring women who are healing from breast cancer at all stages to the dance floor to move their bodies and feel good about themselves. As we dance, we awaken a desire for new beginnings, for healing, for connection, and in doing so, discover ways we can more towards an expanding universe. dance2awakenlife is FUN, energetic and open for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, experiences, and physical abilities. No previous dance experience is needed.

Pillar Two

Holistic Cancer Coaching provides one-on-one sessions or small group sessions for individuals diagnosed with cancer who desire to incorporate holistic practices into their recovery. Support persons are encouraged to accompany cancer clients.

Pillar Three

Presentations and speaking engagements on specific topics about preventing, coping with, and beating cancer through nutrition, movement, and lifestyle are available for groups and organizations. These energetic presentations are tailored to the groups’ needs.

Hi! I’m Karen… Integrative Cancer Coach

As a coach, dance teacher, speaker, and facilitator, I am a cancer thriver who experienced inflammatory breast cancer in 2011 who now lives her life to the fullest with joy and gratitude. My vision is to support others as they face and cope with cancer, and regain a life filled with vitality and hope.

My Dance Story: Conscious Movement

Dance provided the path of transformation and the healing from breast cancer for me. I have danced since 2005 beginning with the Philly-based Group Motion and the 5 Rhythms Philly Dance Tribe. In 2017 I was certified as an Azul dance teacher. A certified cancer coach with BeatCancer.org and Ayurvedic consultant, I believe that the mind/body/heart connection is rooted in the practice of movement, nutrition, and life-style.

Karen’s background:

Certified Azul Dance Teacher – Path of Azul, an International Conscious

Movement Practice

Certified Holistic Cancer Coach – BeatCancer.org

Ayurvedic Consultant – Kripalu School of Ayurveda

In 2015, Karen retired from public education where she was a district curriculum specialist, assistant principal in a 3000 student high school, and a high school English teacher.