Dearest Lily,

Energy – what a valuable commodity as we are on our cancer healing journey. So many women experience a lack of energy and vitality during our treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and even after surgery. Your feelings of desiring more energy are very common and understandable. Your body, which is experiencing major changes, is using its strength to cope with your treatments.

Even during treatment, you can increase your energy!

Here are three easy ways:

  • Walk outside each day & sit in the sun (Hopefully the sun will shine a little every day!)
  • Breathe deeply: do alternate nose breathing by putting your thumb on one side of your nose and your middle finger on the other nostril. Breathe in one side and out the other. You will gain oxygen in your lungs. Do two times each day.
  • Have healthy energy smoothie: blend spinach, one banana, some berries, 2 Tbs of hemp hearts (for protein), 1 1/2 cups of non-dairy milk or green tea. Add a dash of cinnamon and ice cubes. Treat yourself to a straw! Or choose another healthy recipe you find; many are available.

Helpful Hints…

  • Ask a support person to walk with you or make the smoothie. It’s more fun to have a friend to keep you focused. Experiment with places to walk and flavors of your smoothie.
  • Take a short nap – it’s OK!


One of the integrative practices for cancer is the addition of supplements to your routine. 

You may want to explore adding vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) and B12. Other supplements are available to increase your mood & energy and decrease your anxiety. Check with your physician before starting supplements.

I would like to support you in your recovery from cancer. Email me today so we can begin working with one another to increase your energy and walk boldly with positivity through your cancer treatments.

To your health!

Karen R. Holmes

Integrative Cancer Coach 

Azul Dance teacher