Dance 2 Awaken Life is a conscious movement dance program designed for women who are healing from cancer and desire to live life fully with positive energy and to connect with others in a supportive, safe environment. Dance 2 Awaken Life provides dance sessions for those who have experienced breast cancer – and their support persons – to feel good about themselves through movement and to feel joy & freedom.

In whatever stage of cancer recovery and healing you are experiencing, YOU are invited to come DANCE.

Movement is an essential component of healing; Dance 2 Awaken Life offers the opportunity to travel through this healing process. Dance offers a path for our personal journey to a well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. Because dance & movement touch us at the cellular level, we experience moments of understanding, realization, revelations like a “flash in the moment.”

These movement classes are not choreographed routines. Each dancer moves to the music guided by the facilitator. You do not need any dance experience, simply a desire to move the body freely as your body allows. All classes are free-form and allow the dancer to move to her own inner voice. These offerings are based on a conscious movement modality called Azul. As a dance practice, Azul, created by Amara Pagano, is found world-wide in a variety of classes, workshops, and trainings. Dance 2 Awaken Life blends the Azul practice with a path to heal and supports cancer thrivers.

The eclectic music touches many different feelings that we allow to be present on the dance floor. Other dancers are present in our collective experiences. We come together in universal experiences of women who have or had breast cancer. This dance experience may call forth feelings that we have experienced in the healing process and in every day encounters.

The dance class is a way to heal, to shake off the feelings that weigh us down, to support one another, and to have fun moving our bodies. Your radiance will empower you as you stroll or strut or saunter off the dance floor.

We connect in movement, ritual, and conversation. All individuals regardless of physical ability, age, backgrounds, and experience are welcome.

Dance 2 Awaken Life offers a movement class that enlivens your whole being to discover the vibrant flow of life within.

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“Azul makes me feel free and fluid. Every muscle in my body feels stretched after I dance, which I love! To me, the value of Azul is being free to express myself however I want. Sometimes the music makes me move slowly, gracefully- but other times my inner disco queen is released!”
~ Amy Ryan Faga, Dancer & Breast cancer thriver

“I’ve attended many of Karen’s classes. Her love to share the gift of dance movement is so genuine, for she knows the power of its healing. Karen offers a welcoming presence. She speaks and listens clearly to the group, supporting a sense of readiness to explore the dance journey of Azul. The music she uses is both heartfelt and fun. This inspires each person to express their our own dance movements freely. I have ended her classes feeling open & grateful, connected & inspired and wanting to dance more!”
~ Michelle Mahan, Founder of ROOT: ritual & earth based community dance movement remembering our sense of place

Hi, I’m Karen.

When I tell you Dance brought me back to life after cancer, what do you imagine? First, let me tell you I had participated in conscious dance for over six years before my cancer. I had discovered the practice of Azul – a personal path to transformation. Azul offerings led me to a self-discovery of embodiment.

So imagine, if you will, after cancer treatment, I yearned for movement, music, and release. On the Azul dance floor, I was free to explore my new body, and I awakened my mind, emotions and spirit within. I desired JOY in my life – I was filled with gratitude for life and ALL the opportunities ahead.

In a spiral of movement, I discovered that I wanted to “dance it on out” – meaning that I would dance and move and rejoice my full life. I’m doing just that!

Imagine that living is dance and dance is life in its essence without words.

Dance is allowing, opening, expressing, releasing, surrendering, moving towards,,,

            And then beginning again in this spiral to awaken Love

Discover your joy in movement: DANCE