Holistic Cancer Coach

Karen Holmes is a certified Holistic Cancer Coach through the Philadelphia-based Advancement in Cancer Education (BeatCancer.org,*).

As a cancer coach, I support women during and after medical treatment using holistic practices. Coaching sessions are designed specifically for each individual’s goals and needs. Through the coaching session, we focus on lifestyle changes, personal transformation, and finding joi de vivre in life. Whether it’s dealing with chemotherapy side effects or attending to radiation, we explore a variety of possibilities to aide in recovery.

This counseling in no way replaces or substitutes for medical treatments.

What is holistic cancer coaching?

A cancer coach provides information about ways to prevent cancer, cope with and beat cancer through nutrition, lifestyle, movement, and other immune boosting approaches. Clients can manage their cancer with a strong support system and complement traditional medical treatments with holistic practices.

Some topics included in the coaching process are
• Movement Practices for Healing
• The Healing Power of Food & Nutrition
• Managing Stress
• Building Immunity
• Self-Care
• Support Systems

Cancer coaching to support your cancer journey

I know the importance of having support and guidance throughout and after treatments. Each individual is unique and can move forward based on her own needs, desires, and treatment plans. A coach works with clients to develop an individual healing plan and encourages them throughout recovery.

Coaching is offered to individual clients on a one-to-one basis in person or on the telephone & zoom. I also offer sessions to small groups formed around a mutual need or interest. Coaching sessions are usually over a six or twelve session program after an initial conversation. Programs to combine dance & movement with cancer coaching sessions are available.

*BeatCancer.org is a national not-for-profit information, counseling, and referral agency established in 1977 by Susan Silberstein. It provides nutritional, immunological, and other non-toxic resources for cancer prevention, prevention of recurrence, and support during and after treatment.

Hi, I’m Karen.

When I navigated my cancer treatment, I did not have or even know about cancer coaches. My support system was my workplace; colleagues gave me the encouragement in many different forms to get through the treatments. So now I have the opportunity to support other women in their cancer journey; I can listen, understand, and appreciate the questions and challenges women have regarding their cancer. Each of us is different; however, our universal emotions resonate… fear, anger, determination, relief, and anxiety – and most of all HOPE. I want to coach, support, and encourage you. Together, we can move towards your healthy life.