Dear Lily,

Your interest in becoming healthier includes moving more and enjoying the experience.
Let me tell you about Azul, a Conscious Movement practice will get your body pulsing while you have fun! It’s the modality that I offer!

So What is Azul?
Azul = Conscious Movement – A Path to Awakening Love

Azul, a conscious movement practice, is a path of personal transformation that supports an awakening of self. Azul offerings provide an opportunity for you, the dancer, to move in your own space – freely to the music; you express your gifts and joy.

In Azul, there are no choreographed dance moves or routines;
no special steps; no need for a partner.

The practice of Azul, an internationally acclaimed practice, allows you to open and awaken the inner feelings, desires, fears, and remembrances. Moving allows us to delve into our core and embody the flow of life within.

In this meditation movement practice, we accept life as it is and receive the vibrations of energy in the world. We open ourselves to desire opportunities for new beginnings, for healing, for connections, and in doing so, discover ways we can move towards an expanding universe.
We awaken love by listening to the body’s innate intelligence.

When I stepped onto the dance floor when I finished chemotherapy and radiation, I felt a freedom and an excitement for life. Azul gave me my life back, and so I am now dancing my life “on out” as my cancer treatments fade into the past.

Join me in an Azul dance class regardless of place you are in recovery. Every movement big or small helps us feel good and take back our lives!

To your health!
Karen Holmes
Integrative Cancer Coach
Azul Dance teacher

Check out . Azul is recognized globally as a member of the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association (ICMTA).