Revitalize your body and spirit
to move forward into an energized life’s journey.
Experience self-renewal
Heal your cancer recovery journey

offers you an opportunity to renew your energy and step into the fullness of your life.
As women on our path to healing from cancer, we can enliven and transform our lives.


Movement is essential for a healthy body. Dancing increases your energy that promotes and accelerates healing.

Personalized Cancer Coaching

Cancer coaching gives you the individualized support to cope with cancer.

Presentations and Talks on Preventing and Coping Cancer

Do you know of groups and organizations who want to know strategies to prevent cancer and understand ways to deal with cancer?

I’m Karen Holmes and I created these Pillars of Healing
through my own awakening journey with breast cancer and dance – movement training.

Join me to support you as you deal with your cancer.
You can transform your life, as I did,
through integrative practices and a healthy, healing life style.


Hi, I’m Karen… Creator and Founder of Pillars of Healing

Karen R. Holmes – cancer coach, dance teacher, and facilitator – is a cancer thriver who experienced inflammatory breast cancer in 2011 who now lives her life to the fullest with joy and gratitude.

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